Beginning Bands

The Beginning Bands are classes available to all students at the Headwaters Campus interested in joining a musical group, regardless of age. Students who enroll in Beginning Band choose an instrument to play during their band career. After they choose, the students are taught how to set up, take apart, handle, and play their instrument! More than this, the students learn ensemble skills and play in large and small groups before embarking on their secondary band journey. Beginning Band meets every Tuesday and Friday, during 1st or 5th periods. Beginning Band students also take instrument section lessons once a week. After one year of Beginning Band, students are then placed in their appropriate next band, either Middle or High School level. This year (due to Covid-19), they are not playing a Live Concert for Audiences. They did get a "backing track" to play at home during Winter Break, and are working on playing an informal "In-house" Live Concert during Band Class in late May. Details coming.

It's never too late to start. There are older students who are starting Beginning Band, even in the High School. We even have students playing in the HS Concert Band, who take up a 2nd or 3rd instrument.

The Beginning Bands are currently working on:

-We Will Rock You (Queen)

-The Minnesota Rouser (Floyd M. Hutsell)

Along with various Book exercises.

The Beginning Band practicing Social Distancing during their Lesson.