Chicago Tour

IMPORTANT: The 2020 High School Music Department tour to Chicago was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There will be Updates from Mr. Ruhnke about a Chicago Trip in 2022.

**There will likely be a 2022 Band Trip to Chicago** This information will be revised and updated. Right now, it is for reference purposes only.

The LILA High School Music Department is excited to launch its first performing ensemble tour!

Every great music program does one thing: share its music with the world. Successful school music programs take trips, near and far, to share their students' achievements and talents with others. The LILA Music Department aims to take high school music students on a performing tour every two years. Tours such as these are wonderful and memorable experiences for students, providing them with the opportunity to learn from other musicians and professionals, experience other areas of the country or world, perform in unique and interesting settings, and develop lasting bonds with their ensemble-mates.

The Informational Flier that is on the Drop down menu, is obsolete, but remains to give an estimated idea of the proposed dates and rough Itinerary. Costs and details will change and are subject to approval.

The current projected cost per students (and Chaperones), is being revised, and possibly lowered. The Informational flier is being listed for basic information only.

The informational flier can be found on the drop-down menu above. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Mr. Ruhnke.

Estimated Dates:

Sometime in April, 2022